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  • Six Of The Best: Tru Thoughts

    Ahead of Tru Thought’s birthday party at Brighton Dome, we pick out our favourite tracks released by the label that gave us the likes of Quantic, Alice Russell and The Hot 8 Brass Band.

    Features 8 months old
  • Six Of The Best: Pet Shop Boys

    Pet Shop Boys headline Brighton Pride this weekend, so we pulled together SOURCE friends past and present to celebrate the duo’s finest moments.

    Features 10 months old
  • Six Of The Best Rare & Unusual Brighton Species

    There’s more to Brighton wildlife than seagulls – we’ve also got the biggest Elms in the world, the fastest bird and a cricket that eats human warts.

    Features 3 years old
  • Best Brighton-Made Videogames

    It’s easy to think that computer games are made ‘over there’ somewhere but actually Brighton has got a really strong industry.

    Features 4 years old
  • Best Rom Coms

    Most rom-coms want to make you kill everyone in love, but here’s six that you’d take home to meet your mum.

    Features 4 years old
  • Six Of The Best Brighton Buskers

    Brighton musicians are broke. So rather than taking to the street begging, many people take to the streets to entertain.

    Features 4 years old
  • Best Daft Punk Lost Classics

    Here are six lesser-known tracks from Bangalter and Guy-Man from their early, arguably best, years.

    Features 5 years old
  • Six Of The Best Fashion Films

    When fashion meets the movies, things get a bit messed up – here are our favourite cloth-based films.

    Features 5 years old
  • Six Of The Best Children’s Books

    We choose the books that sparked our imagination as kids. When we do this again in 20 years time it will be Best Children’s Apps, of course.

    Features 5 years old
  • Six Of The Best Brighton Vegetarian Eateries

    We pick out six of the city’s finest vegetarian and vegan eating out specialists.

    Food 5 years old
  • Six Of The Best Afrobeat Tracks

    Everyone likes the idea of afrobeat but very few of us know where to start in this mysterious genre.

    Features 5 years old
  • Best Independent Brighton Coffee Shops

    When there are so many great independent cafés in Brighton why would anyone bother with Starbucks?

    Food 5 years old
  • Six Of The Best Sports Films

    You don’t have to be a games fan to like sports films – they instantly add an element of excitement to the final scenes.

    Features 5 years old
  • Six Of The Best Electronic Pioneers

    EDM? As anyone who was “largin’ it” in the 90s knows it’s simply called dance music. Here’s our pick of the artists who paved the way to Skrillex.

    Features 5 years old
  • Six Of The Best 80s Power Ballads

    Much fighting occurred with this one – the best power ballads of the genre’s golden years.

    Features 5 years old
  • Six Of The Best Hip Hop Cover Versions

    Hip hop is possibly the most difficult genre to cover. With many god-awful versions knocking around, we were relieved to find these.

    Features 6 years old
  • Six Of The Best Spoken Sections

    Spoken sections offer the chance to step back and offer a heartfelt director’s commentary on proceedings.

    Features 6 years old
  • Six of The Best Miserable Songs

    For many of us music is something to wallow in as we blunder through life, pinballing from one emotional catastrophe to another.

    Features 6 years old
  • Six Of The Best: Teen Movies

    Clueless and Mean Girls are showing at the Duke’s on Saturday night. Here’s why they’re great and four more as well.

    Features 6 years old
  • Six Of The Best 20th Century Sit-coms

    Usually sit-com round-ups feature the same old names, with aged Basil Fawlty and Del Boy episodes propping them up, but that made us wonder. Is the modern sit-com dead?

    Features 6 years old
  • Six Of The Best Stoner Anthems

    Tiny holes in the duvet, shifty red eyes and the presence of more than one Orb CD on the shelf – all telltale signs of a stoner.

    Features 6 years old
  • Six Of The Best: Brighton Gigs

    21st century Brighton is crawling with musical ghosts – Burger Kings and Sports Directs occupy airspace where rock history was once laid down in long-gone clubs and venues. Here’s a decade-by-decade exorcism from the Broken Brighton 2 issue’s interviewees, lest we forget.

    Bands 6 years old
  • Six Of The Best: Iconic Pop Looks

    Those with a reservation at pop’s top table rarely arrive on musical merits alone. The video age may be dwindling alongside the music industry’s wider fortunes, but a true star still has to have that visual wow factor to shine brighter than the last. Here’s a predictably contentious list of six who, in the words of Prince, got the look.

    Features 7 years old
  • Best Festival Performances

    OK, so most of the time we make grand plans to see this band in that field, then that band in this tent, and come home having missed most of them and not remembering much about any of it at all. But on the rare occasions we’ve got our act together we’ve seen some great performances at festivals. In fact, here’s six of them.

    Bands 7 years old
  • Best Books By Brighton Authors

    Admit it, you’ve never really thought of Brighton in terms of its authors. We were hard pressed to think of more than a handful ourselves, but we did our homework and came up with a plethora of page-turners for this heroic half-dozen.

    Features 7 years old

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