Mike Aiken

Mike lives in Brighton. This is a full time occupation. He’s also a researcher, writer and activist. Any time left over he spends hanging around cafes and pubs listening to people on their phones. He loves theatre that pokes into difficult places. You won’t find him on Facebook.

Loves / hates

Medea Electronica | Brighton Source

Medea Electronica Review

Electronica meets Greek tragedy in a northern town. Gig and drama mash-up by local group. Woman leads on revenge, betrayal and taboo. Original soundtrack.

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Clean House

Staying clean. Women with a passion for jokes. Theatre that’s serious and surreal. Magical realism mixing joy with death.

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Kirsty Elmer | Brighton Source

Kirsty Elmer Interview

We chatted to the director of ‘Love And Information’ – a funny and poignant play about relationships and technology showing this week at Brighton’s New Venture Theatre.

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Blackbird | Brighton Source

Blackbird, 21st – 28th May

David Harrower’s acclaimed play comes to Brighton – edgy theatre about punishment and remorse, challenge and taboo.

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Shoot The Sissy Review

Physical, operatic, tragic theatre. Queer eye candy. A story of the pain, vulnerability and power of a self-deconstructing Sissy.

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88 London Road | Brighton Source

Brighton Theatre To Close: What Next?

Brighton theatre 88 London Road – formerly The Emporium – is due to close in early 2017. Artistic Director, James Weisz, tells us what comes next.

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Something Street | Brighton Source

Something Street Review

A crazy narrator takes you on decade-hopping trip through the lives of terrace residents in this new immersive theatre show on Brighton beach.

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East | Brighton Source

East, 26th Apr – 21st May

Stephen Berkoff’s play ‘East’ hits Brighton. It’s physical theatre in your face. Shakespeare meets the C-word. Raw class.

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Stand Up For Our NHS | Brighton Source

Stand Up For Our NHS Benefit Gig, Fri 10th Feb

A host of great local performers line up behind the campaign to save the NHS including Jo Neary, Attila the Stockbroker, Robb Johnson and Mark Brailsford from The Treason Show.

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Brief Hiatus | Brighton Source

Brief Hiatus Brings Tragedy To Brighton

We spoke to one of the directors of Brighton’s newest theatre company to hear about their plans to give the city a shot of affordable and subversive drama.

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Living Between Lies | Brighton Source

Living Between Lies Review

Four women and four different worlds, all bound together by lies. This dazzling one act play is seriously funny.

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