SOURCE New Music, Fri 13th July

Suited lovers of the sweeping pop epic Sweet Sweet Lies headline this month’s SOURCE showcase. Guided by the songwriting hands of Dominic Von Trapp and Michael Hayes, the quintet released their string and brass adorned debut ‘The Hare, The Hound And The Tortoise’ in the spring. The album won a four star review in Uncut, tagged with the epithet “Brighton’s premier evil wedding band”, which sums up their rousing line in swinging bitterness neatly.

 Pavilion Theatre Fri 13th July 2012
Bands 6 years old

Stuart Huggett

Stuart Huggett grew up in Hastings, publishing fanzines and writing blogs about the town’s underground music scene. He is a regular contributor to SOURCE, NME, The Quietus, Bowlegs and more. His huge archive of magazines, flyers and vinyl is either an invaluable research tool or a bloody pain. He occasionally runs tinpot record label Dizzy Tiger, DJs sporadically and plays live even less.

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