Textured Cabaret with Skinny Milk and Flies Are Spies From Hell

The grand opening of epic, instrumental post-rock 5-piece Flies Are Spies From Hell’s European tour. The band incorporate prog and metal influenced guitar duelling with intricate and emotive piano playing. Their music doesn’t need vocals to make an impact, with its complex structures, depth and clarity.

Joint headliners Skinny Milk are a riff-heavy, psychedelic garage-rock duo with fuzzy vocals and an array of effects pedals. Their punky sound is driving and instantly catchy, harnessing the distinct style that created their impressive local following here in Brighton.

The event will also feature Austerity; a local post-punk band with an interest in free improvisation, plus DJ Mystery Selector playing dub, space rock and eclectic fusion. Prepare to have your face melted and your mind blown for this diverse yet cohesive event.

Pav Tav, Thursday 6th April 2017

Bands 1 year old

Laurence Tonkyn

I DJ under the name Mystery Selector, specialising in multi-genre mysterious sounds. I also organise and promote an event called 'Textured Silence'. The articles I write for Brighton Source mainly focus on electronic music and clubbing culture although my musical taste is more diverse.

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