Brighton Gets Its Own Cereal Café

Were you prohibited from having Dayglo Chocco Frosted Fun Bites for breakfast as a child? Perhaps you weren’t allowed to draw on the walls either? Oh the deprivation! Well, soon you’ll be able to self-medicate against all those years of frustration when Brighton’s first “cereal and doodling café” opens on Trafalgar Street. Oh the catharsis!

Similar to the infamous Cereal Killer Café on Brick Lane, Brighton’s less dangerously named Cereal Café will serve over a hundred varieties of imported cereal in single bowls, plus a dozen types of milk and 20 choices of topping (from bourbon biscuits to… Skittles. Ugh).

Other nutrient-free nibbles available include pop tarts and chocolate Rice Crispy cakes. And they’ll have pens on the tables for you to express yourself with while you await your dextrose rush.

The Cereal Café will be located in the basement of Café Trafé, at 38 Trafalgar street — a couple of minutes’ walk from Brighton station. We like Café Trafé. And it’ll be interesting to see if the juxtaposition of the two cafés works: Trafé with its awesome healthy salads and abundance of natural light, and the underground Cereal Café with its sugar rushes and freeform doodling. We wish them lucky charms.

The Cereal Café opens on Friday 1st June underneath Café Trafé, 38 Trafalgar Street, Brighton

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