Moulettes, Sat 2nd Dec

One Church opens its doors to Moulettes and label mates for a winter festival celebrating 10 years of Sotones.

Bands 2 months old

Chelsea Wolfe, Wed 19th Apr

Chelsea Wolfe returns to Brighton to envelope attendees in an eerie fog of dreamlike vocals at the aptly named Haunt.

Bands 10 months old
Slaves | Brighton Source

Slaves, Thurs 23rd March (Gig Postponed)

The American post-hardcore three-piece will be warmly welcomed in defeating Sticky Mike’s later this month.

Bands 10 months old
Susan Sundfor - Brighton Source - Ashley Laurence - Time for Heroes Photography

Susanne Sundfør Review

Coyness gave way to stunning pop perfection when the Norwegian ice queen cast her spell over The Haunt last week.

Bands 2 years old

Junior Boys, Sun 19th August

A long-awaited return for Canada’s electronic pop specialists Junior Boys’ beautifully produced songs.

Bands 5 years old

Damien Jurado, Tues 14th August

This show, promoting the ‘Maraqopa’ album, is an intimate one by Jurado’s standards.

Bands 5 years old
Frankie Rose

Frankie Rose, Fri 27th July

If you like your guitar pop whiplash smart and sugary sweet, get down to this Teen Creeps show.

Bands 5 years old
Jason Ringenberg

Jason Ringenberg, Fri 13th July

He’s a funny, compelling storyteller, providing a poignant history lesson along with the cornball hokum.

Bands 5 years old
Professor Elemental

Professor Elemental, Fri 6th July

He’s best known for a song about tea. Intrigued? Sorry, EVENT CANCELLED.

Bands 5 years old
Thomas Truax | Brighton Source

Thomas Truax Review

We went to see the American singer and inventor work his magic at the Prince Albert as part of his recent UK tour.

Bands 3 months old

Textured Cabaret with Skinny Milk and Flies Are Spies From Hell

A night of instrumental post-rock, riff-heavy psychedelia and post-punk with three live bands upstairs at the Pav Tav.

Bands 10 months old
Touche Amore | Brighton Source

Touché Amoré, Weds 15th Feb

The American post-hardcore band are headlining The Haunt this month with an explosive show you won’t want to miss.

Bands 1 year old

Aiden Grimshaw, Mon 24th Sept

Aiden Grimshaw went AWOL from the celebrity circuit after X Factor, until being snapped up by RCA Records earlier this year.

Bands 5 years old

Spectrum, Weds 15th

Pete Kember’s Spectrum return to Brighton for a sonically and visually rich evening of hypnotic psychedelia.

Bands 5 years old
Inspiral Carpets

Inspiral Carpets, Fri 27th July

Inspiral Carpets have reunited with original vocalist Stephen Holt for a tour of hits and new material.

Bands 5 years old
Sweet Sweet Lies

SOURCE New Music, Fri 13th July

Suited lovers of the sweeping pop epic Sweet Sweet Lies headline this month’s SOURCE showcase.

Bands 5 years old

Futures, Weds 11th July

Futures postponed their tour after setting up their own label, Indigo. Will this decision pay off? Pop along and see.

Bands 5 years old
Sleeper | Brighton Source

Sleeper Review

Britpop band Sleeper played their first gig in 19 years at the Haunt – a hometown show for singer Louise Wener.

Bands 5 months old

The Spook School, Sat 25th Mar

Preaching to the inverted, The Spook School will alight Brighton’s West Hill Hall with queer indie rays of hope.

Bands 10 months old
Hetton | Brighton Source

Hetton, Sun 26th June

Rising alt-folkers Hetton play a launch gig at the Green Door Store alongside Polly Money and Yazmyn Hendrix.

Bands 1 year old
Euros Childs

Euros Childs, Mon 3rd Sept

Euros Childs is back in Brighton this week, playing to his charming glam-rock strengths once more.

Bands 5 years old

Pictureplane, Mon 13th Aug

We were pretty excited about this gig, and then One Inch Badge made it free. Now we’re beside ourselves.

Bands 5 years old
That Sunday Feeling

That Sunday Feeling, Sat 28th July

For many, ‘that Sunday feeling’ revolves around laziness, but this rock quartet’s cheery disposition should keep your weekend on a high.

Bands 5 years old
Sham 69

Sham 69, Fri 13th July

Jimmy Pursey’s back on board so lace up your Docs and get down the front. No gobbing though, please.

Bands 5 years old
Burn The Fleet

Burn The Fleet, Sun 8th July

Last seen in Brighton at The Great Escape festival, Southampton’s answer to Thrice return to the city as headliners.

Bands 5 years old