Franz Ferdinand Brighton Dome Brighton Source Gili Davies

Albert Hammond Jr and Franz Ferdinand review

Albert Hammond Jr demonstrated his solo prowess and Franz Ferdinand pulled off a masterclass in theatrical pop at the Dome.

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Thomas Truax | Brighton Source

Thomas Truax Review

We went to see the American singer and inventor work his magic at the Prince Albert as part of his recent UK tour.

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Textured Cabaret with Skinny Milk and Flies Are Spies From Hell

A night of instrumental post-rock, riff-heavy psychedelia and post-punk with three live bands upstairs at the Pav Tav.

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Touche Amore | Brighton Source

Touché Amoré, Weds 15th Feb

The American post-hardcore band are headlining The Haunt this month with an explosive show you won’t want to miss.

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Aiden Grimshaw, Mon 24th Sept

Aiden Grimshaw went AWOL from the celebrity circuit after X Factor, until being snapped up by RCA Records earlier this year.

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Spectrum, Weds 15th

Pete Kember’s Spectrum return to Brighton for a sonically and visually rich evening of hypnotic psychedelia.

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Inspiral Carpets

Inspiral Carpets, Fri 27th July

Inspiral Carpets have reunited with original vocalist Stephen Holt for a tour of hits and new material.

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Sweet Sweet Lies

SOURCE New Music, Fri 13th July

Suited lovers of the sweeping pop epic Sweet Sweet Lies headline this month’s SOURCE showcase.

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Futures, Weds 11th July

Futures postponed their tour after setting up their own label, Indigo. Will this decision pay off? Pop along and see.

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FemRock Presents…IWD Special, Fri 2nd March

FemRock treat us to emerging grunge/punk talent with Pussyliquor, Best Praxis and Glue, in celebration of International Women’s Day.

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Sleeper | Brighton Source

Sleeper Review

Britpop band Sleeper played their first gig in 19 years at the Haunt – a hometown show for singer Louise Wener.

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The Spook School, Sat 25th Mar

Preaching to the inverted, The Spook School will alight Brighton’s West Hill Hall with queer indie rays of hope.

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Hetton | Brighton Source

Hetton, Sun 26th June

Rising alt-folkers Hetton play a launch gig at the Green Door Store alongside Polly Money and Yazmyn Hendrix.

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Euros Childs

Euros Childs, Mon 3rd Sept

Euros Childs is back in Brighton this week, playing to his charming glam-rock strengths once more.

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Pictureplane, Mon 13th Aug

We were pretty excited about this gig, and then One Inch Badge made it free. Now we’re beside ourselves.

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That Sunday Feeling

That Sunday Feeling, Sat 28th July

For many, ‘that Sunday feeling’ revolves around laziness, but this rock quartet’s cheery disposition should keep your weekend on a high.

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Sham 69

Sham 69, Fri 13th July

Jimmy Pursey’s back on board so lace up your Docs and get down the front. No gobbing though, please.

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Moulettes, Sat 2nd Dec

One Church opens its doors to Moulettes and label mates for a winter festival celebrating 10 years of Sotones.

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Chelsea Wolfe, Wed 19th Apr

Chelsea Wolfe returns to Brighton to envelope attendees in an eerie fog of dreamlike vocals at the aptly named Haunt.

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Slaves | Brighton Source

Slaves, Thurs 23rd March (Gig Postponed)

The American post-hardcore three-piece will be warmly welcomed in defeating Sticky Mike’s later this month.

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Susan Sundfor - Brighton Source - Ashley Laurence - Time for Heroes Photography

Susanne Sundfør Review

Coyness gave way to stunning pop perfection when the Norwegian ice queen cast her spell over The Haunt last week.

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Junior Boys, Sun 19th August

A long-awaited return for Canada’s electronic pop specialists Junior Boys’ beautifully produced songs.

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Damien Jurado, Tues 14th August

This show, promoting the ‘Maraqopa’ album, is an intimate one by Jurado’s standards.

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Frankie Rose

Frankie Rose, Fri 27th July

If you like your guitar pop whiplash smart and sugary sweet, get down to this Teen Creeps show.

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Jason Ringenberg

Jason Ringenberg, Fri 13th July

He’s a funny, compelling storyteller, providing a poignant history lesson along with the cornball hokum.

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