Lady Chastity's Reserve | Brighton Source

Lady Chastity’s Reserve

We went to try out a new immersive team game set in a spooky period parlour above a pub. Will we bag the booze or end up trapped in dark room with a scary rabbit?

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Portrait of Kate Wildblood

Kate Wildblood, Unsung Hero No.52

Has gay gone away? We spoke to Pride veteran and local DJ Kate Wildblood about clubbing, campaigning and her time as an honorary gay man.

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Pierdom_Brighton Pier, © Simon Roberts, courtesy Flowers Gallery - CROPPED

Great British Piers

Tacky anachronism or evocative heritage? Here’s a selection of some of the great photographs of British piers now exhibiting at Brighton Museum.

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Glass Sines | Brighton Source

Locally Sourced, Sept 2015

Our round-up of new Brighton music – including releases from Glass Sines, Warsaw Radio, Idle Talk and Two Jackals.

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Bring Your Own Beamer, Sat 19th September

We spoke to the man behind Pop-Up Brighton about how he’s bringing innovative, interactive and inexpensive art to the city.

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Photo by Mike @ Studio85UK© |

Local Festival Guide 2015

There’s over a dozen festivals in Sussex this summer – from intimate gatherings on picturesque farms to rough and ready raves. Here’s our round-up of what your summer might look like.

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Inside The Radical Bank

The squatters who hoped to turn the old Barclays bank on Preston Circus into a community centre were evicted today – a few hours after SOURCE went to have a look around.

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Bison Beer Brew School Review

The SOURCE gets on the sauce… on a beer making course.

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The Warren | Brighton Source

Ten Fringe Shows You Should Probably Go To

Ten of the best shows in Brighton Fringe, picked by the arts mastermind behind The Basement and The Warren.

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The Intrepid Camera Company

Some Sussex Uni students have designed, built and started manufacturing an old-school 5×4 camera with modern features. We sent two of our geekiest photographers to their Hove studio to try it out.

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Demob Happy | Brighton Source

Locally Sourced, Oct 2015

Our round-up of new Brighton music – including releases from Luo, Demob Happy, Matt Finucane, Octopuses, and High Tyde.

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Albert Hammond, Jr. Interview

We caught up with Albert Hammond, Jr. for a chat about The Strokes, his new solo record and the current tour that comes to Brighton this month.

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Andy Budd | Brighton Source

Andy Budd, Unsung Hero No.51

With Brighton Digital Festival humming in the background, we spoke to one of the city’s original web pioneers about how he started in the 90s and how Brighton might be losing its edge.

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Anal Beard | Brighton Source

Anal Beard Interview

The notorious Brighton band split up after 20 years of failure, disappointment and hilarious comedy punk.

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Brighton Solargraphs: The Sun Over The City

Hove artist captures the path of the sun over local landmarks in a set of stunning images exhibited at Redroaster.

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People's Assembly | Brighton Source

Time To Get Involved?

One month on from the election we look at some of the grassroots groups in Brighton – for those who don’t want to wait another five years to get political.

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Esben And The Witch Interview

We talk to the former seasiders’ guitarist Thomas Fisher about Berlin, Brighton and Albini.

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The Island Club

Locally Sourced, Nov 2015

Our round-up of new Brighton music – including releases from The Island Club, True Noir, Tigercub, Max Pope, and Ingrid Plum.

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The Indelicates | Brighton Source

The Indelicates Interview

After a brief hiatus, local poetic rockers The Indelicates return with a new album and several side projects including a kids’ puppet show and a biblical musical.

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Photo 06-09-2015 16 04 46

Streets Of Brighton No.1

In the first of a new series for SOURCE we sent a photographer out and about in Brighton looking for ten images that caught his eye – he came back with a beautiful set of black and white pics of doleful dogs, groups of skaters and a lost Spanish pilgrim.

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Rag N Bone Man | Brighton Source

Rag ‘N’ Bone Man Interview

We spoke to the Brighton soul singer and rapper about playing Glastonbury, working with DJ Premier and putting on a special curated show at the Concorde later this month.

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Arthur Brown - A Night for Nepal - 100 Flowers - The Old Market - Brighton - Ashley Luke Laurence - Time for Heroes Photography

‘A Night For Nepal – 100 Flowers’ – Photo Gallery

Dolly Rocket hosted a raucous night of music and entertainment, including a manic set from Arthur Brown, that raised over £2000 for the Nepal appeal.

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Wart-biter Bush-cricket | Brighton Source

Six Of The Best Rare & Unusual Brighton Species

There’s more to Brighton wildlife than seagulls – we’ve also got the biggest Elms in the world, the fastest bird and a cricket that eats human warts.

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Fleeting -Brighton Festival 1 - Brighton Source - Ashley Laurence

Fleeting – Brighton Festival 2015

Hundreds of people gathered for flames and fireworks by the West Pier as Brighton Festival drew to a magical close.

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Vote Labour

Vote Labour And Green In Brighton & Hove This Election

If you don’t fancy another five years of what we’ve all just been through, it’s time to get to the polling station and have your voice heard.

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