DJ Pierre Interview

90s acid house king DJ Pierre on doing business in Chicago pet shops, playing clarinet in a marching band, and his other influences.

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Drako Zarhazar In Toby Amies film The Man Whose Mind Exploded in brightonsource.co.uk

Toby Amies Inteview

Cinecity’s gem for 2013 was this tender portrait of a Brighton one-off by former SOURCE photographer Toby Amies.

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Dylan Nyoukis from Colour Out Of Space and Chocolate Monk in Brighton SOURCE, what's on, music and listings magazine

Dylan Nyoukis, Unsung Hero No.47

Dylan Nyoukis is chief “talent sniffer” for Colour Out Of Space, Brighton’s festival of experimental sound.

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Seann Walsh in Brighton's best listings and entertainment magazine, Brighton SOURCE

Seann Walsh Interview

Even for Brighton’s most successful comedian, Seann Walsh is having a spectacular time of it lately.

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500 Days Of Summer

Best Rom Coms

Most rom-coms want to make you kill everyone in love, but here’s six that you’d take home to meet your mum.

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Six Of The Best Brighton Buskers

Brighton musicians are broke. So rather than taking to the street begging, many people take to the streets to entertain.

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Caroline Lucas MP Interview

Caroline Lucas knows all about getting your voice heard. “Yes, you can make a difference,” promises our MP.

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Best Daft Punk Lost Classics

Here are six lesser-known tracks from Bangalter and Guy-Man from their early, arguably best, years.

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Andy Rossiter of Love Thy Neighbour, Unsung Hero No.42

Andy Rossiter promotes gigs with the Love Thy Neighbour collective, whose label has released music by Abi Wade and Us Baby Bear Bones.

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Die Roten Punkte Interview

The White Stripes meets The Flight Of The Conchords – what’s not to like? The best mock’n'roll band at Brighton Fringe.

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British Sea Power in Brighton Source magazine Writers' Chart

Writers’ Chart 2013

It’s been a great year for local music. Here’s our writers to guide you through the best Brighton tracks of 2013.

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Soundcloud sensations Iyes in Brighton SOURCE, Brighton's best what's on, listings and music magazine

IYES Interview

Are they a pop group? A dance duo? An indie band? Yes, IYES are pretty much all these, and more.

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Rizzle Kicks pick their favourite records for Brighton SOURCE

Rizzle Kicks, All Time Top 10

Huge music lovers, who better to kick of our new self-explanatory series, All Time Top Ten than Jordan and Harvey?

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Jim Mitchell from Over the Moon Festival

Jim Mitchell, Unsung Hero No.45

Jim Mitchell runs Over The Moon festival, which pops up every September in the Sussex countryside.

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Traams Interview

Post-garage krautrock trio will lock you in the groove until you grin from ear to ear. They’re seriously good.

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Us Baby Bear Bones Interview

Electronic indie trio’s creativity starts with beautiful songs and goes much, much further.

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Vinyl Demand

Vinyl verses digital DJing? Both have their pluses, and there’s never been an easier time to inflict your musical taste on your mates.

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Cassetteboy Interview

Cassetteboy have escaped YouTube and are coming to the real world – live at The Spiegeltent for nonsense and madness.

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charles green, neal schtumm and pablo contraband, audio brighton in source magazine

Audio’s Resident DJs Interview

2013 has seen the rise of the resident DJ. Charles Green, Neal Schtumm and Pablo Contraband have helped Audio define house music this year.

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Buzz, one of the best Brighton produced videogames, in Brighton SOURCE

Best Brighton-Made Videogames

It’s easy to think that computer games are made ‘over there’ somewhere but actually Brighton has got a really strong industry.

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The Wytches in Brighton SOURCE

The Wytches Interview

The Wytches are nowhere near as dark as their music and press suggest. They’re actually a lot of fun.

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State Of Brighton 2013

Brighton’s not without its pitfalls but damn we love this place, so here’s our annual look at the city.

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SOURCE Virgins, A Night At The Opera

We go to the opera so you don’t have to. Actually, that’s unfair, we rather liked it, even though it was pretty odd.

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Chris Parkinson, Hoaxer, Unsung Hero No.45

The walrus guy Gumtree ad – who was responsible for that? We can reveal it was Chris, just one of his hoaxes.

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Jonny Reggae, Unsung Hero No.43

The musically multi-talented Jonny Reggae, DJ, label owner, record shop-runner (the list goes on) talks about doing it DIY.

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