Alexis Taylor, 12th March

Alexis Taylor, multi-instrumentalist and frontman of electro-pop band Hot Chip has announced a tour in support of his new album ‘Listen With(out) Piano’. Far from the dance-driven sound he became known for with the band, his solo work embraces a more melancholic, soulful yet stripped-down style. This third album is to be released on 3rd March and features collaborations with eleven of his favourite musicians to create alternative electro-acoustic versions of his 2016 release ‘Piano’. Each track is designed to work in response to the originals and can be synced by playing both albums simultaneously, whilst also being songs that can be enjoyed on their own. Join Alexis for an emotional, vocal and piano led evocative performance.

Komedia, Sunday 12th March 2017

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Laurence Tonkyn

I DJ under the name Mystery Selector, specialising in multi-genre mysterious sounds. I also organise and promote an event called 'Textured Silence'. The articles I write for Brighton Source mainly focus on electronic music and clubbing culture although my musical taste is more diverse.

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