Annie Mac, Sat 29th Sept

Where all her energy comes from we don’t know, but whatever she’s on – we want some. Between her prime time Radio 1 slot on Fridays, playing Ibiza shows and UK festivals, how Annie has time to rock the Brighton pebbles is beyond us, but we’re glad she’s back. In tow is newcomer Kidnap Kid, whose lighter than air disco boogie is impossible not to fall in love with. The neo-house twinkles with good feeling and the helium vocals remind us of the halcyon days of dance music.

Digital, Sat 29th September 2012

Clubs 6 years old

Zac Colbert

Zac Colbert is the clubs editor and since 2008 he has reviewed local nights as much as headline DJs, covering acts like Mosca, Fake Blood and Kele Okereke. His writing has featured in publications such as AdBusters, Philosophy Now and Tantrum Magazine.

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