Pink Glove, Sat 5th May

Missed Jarvis Cocker swivelling his hips and spinning kitchen sink realism yarns at Patterns at the tail end of March? Then be the Jarvis Cocker you didn’t get to see in the world. Pink Glove, a club night calling The Victoria in Dalston its home, is taking a sleazy holiday by the seaside (Komedia, to be precise) and invites you to do just that.

Whether you scuttle down in corduroys and horn-rimmed specs or flounce in wearing exiguous dominatrix gear, whether you’re a bear or barefaced, arrive leaving a trail of feathers and glitter or consider yourself an outsider who’s just relieved to get outside, there’s a safe spot on the dancefloor for you at Pink Glove.

Perhaps you just miss Britpop. In that case, you’re welcome along too. The playlist, featuring as it does Garbage, Placebo, and Manic Street Preachers, has it in abundance. DJs Heidi Heelz and Seductive Barry spin 90s indie alongside grunge anthems, alt rockers, electroclash, geek chic, post punk and new wave. Kitty Glitter/The Marlborough/Kollaps attendees will recognise a familiar face collecting door tax in the shape of queen of clubs, DJ Kate St Shields.

‘A Queer Indie Disco for Common People’ the strapline goes. Common people of all ages, sizes, colours and sexual orientations, which Brighton has in spades. It’s time to bring it out of the bedrooms and onto the dancefloor. You never know, those corduroy trousers may still fit.

Komedia Studio Bar, Saturday 5th May 2018, 11pm – 3am

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Karen McDermott

Karen has been living in Brighton since 2010, where she rediscovered a love of music. And bars. And clubbing. She currently works three jobs to pay for these pastimes. When not writing or working or falling over, she can usually be found stuck in a book.

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