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If you work in a great second hand clothes emporium like To Be Worn Again it would be madness to buy your clothes in Primark. But Ben – who you might know as the core of psychedelic instrumental band Restlesslist – doesn’t just cherry pick what comes through the shop for his 50s look.

“The repro stuff is well made and they’re always one offs,” he explains. “It’ll be the same pattern but with different colours, different fixtures.”

It’s a great, stylish, classic look that sidesteps the costume element that vintage outfits can have by being completely wearable, something proven by the fact that Ben is never seen out in anything more modern looking. It’s enough to make you long for the early series of Mad Men.

Hair by Simon Webster
“He’s a good guy. I use Black & Whites in it, naturally.”

Sunglasses by Ray-Ban
“They’re just classic sunglasses. I’ve got three pairs, all the same.”

Shirt from To Be Worn Again
“What do I like about the shirt? The quality value that you can get from shirts at To Be Worn Again! I always wear them with a vest. I get cold nipples.”

Jacket by RVC
“They’re an American company. It’s a one off, no one else will have it because it’s all handmade with 50s patterns in modern fabrics.”

Trousers by Lindy Lou’s
“They’re all handmade to spec. I always wear high-waisted trousers. These ones are quite heavyweight in a fleck material.”

Watch and bracelet from Snooper’s Paradise 
“They’re always on.”

Shoes by Loake
“They’re good British shoes – sturdy, strong. Can’t go wrong with them. I bought them
at Pullingers.”

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