Street Style, Ewa

Telling a 23-year-old girl she looks like a drag queen usually isn’t too well received, but Ewa, who we spotted this month, embraces it. “I love drag culture and make-up,” she says. “Depending on the occasion I do like to slap it on!”

Just as she likes to paint on the make-up, she combines her clothing with a similarly artistic touch. “When I put together an outfit I approach it like a painting composition.” says Ewa. No surprises then that she’s a Central St Martins grad and working artist. She paints large scale, amalgamated fleshy portraits… which makes no sense to us, but sounds very impressive indeed. Her outfit is a bold mix of clashing patterns, classic shapes and a feisty dose of bling – truly a work of art.

Hair by bleach
“I’ve been wearing my hair like this since I was 16. I like to have fun with hair and make-up, for me it’s part of the outfit. I’ve been bleaching it so long, I’m surprised I have any left!”

Earrings from London market stall
“I’m a bit of a magpie, I love anything that sparkles.”

Necklace from London market stall
“I like to clash elements in my outfits, so I thought wearing this Indian jewellery would stand out.”

Fur stole
“I picked this up in a vintage shop because I was drawn to the dramatic shape. It’s definitely a classic statement piece and I thought wearing it with the sporty bomber would be an odd clash.”

“This is also vintage. I bought it cause I liked the bold print and it reminded me of Versace.”

Beige shirt
“I bought this in a charity shop for only £1. I thought it would be versatile for a range of different looks.”

Leggings from Topshop
“These are so basic and I can wear them with anything.”

Shoes from Jeffrey Campbell
“Just another thing I was drawn to because of the sparkling accents.”

Photo by Kevin Meredith