Street Style, Jaimes

Breezing through Brighton in all his sartorial splendour you’d think this guy was a rock star by day and an urban fashion super hero by night, ridding the world of drab and dreary clothing.

But dressing like this is what Jaimes, a freelance stylist and fashion design student, needs to do to make his mark and get noticed in his career. “There are so many up and coming designers,” he says, “I need to have something that makes people remember me.”

So is it just a clever, career-ladder climbing plan or is there more to what he calls his “in your face” look? “I’ve been on the street before and heard people gasp,” he says, “I like that whole shock factor – whether it be good or bad I do like the attention.”

Sunglasses from Beyond Retro
“I don’t ever wear black – except on sunglasses, belts or maybe a pair of shoes.”

Jacket from Rokit
“I don’t really like to wear things that I’ll see other people in. That’s my whole angle – that individuality and that unique-ness. I’d rather go to vintage shops, charity shops or car boot sales and pick up things that are one of a kind.”

Shirt from Brick Lane
“This is an Aztec ikat print. The patterns carved on walls and prints they used to wear would differentiate between the different Aztec tribes. I like knowing the cultural aspect behind clothes that people wouldn’t normally know.”

Goofy vest from Primark
“I paid 2 pounds for this! Not everything I buy has to be from a vintage shop or from a designer.”

Jeans DIY
“They were hot pink before and I stripped them down using bleach. As a stylist and designer I think it’s important to customise and it’s good to change things up. I think there is always something you can change about an item of clothing.”

Trainers from Dr Martens
“These have a creeper sole on them so they almost look like an orthopaedic shoe. They are really weird but I love them. I try to keep them clean by bleaching them but I think I’m going to spray them gold or silver next.”

Photos by LomoKev