Street Style, Jennifer

For some, style runs in the family. It’s most definitely true in Jennifer’s case, with her and her sister, Grace, both having been snapped for the Street Style pages of SOURCE – a complete coincidence we must add. Both have drawn our eye, yet in very different ways – Jennifer bringing patterned chaos to neutral tones while her sister was dramatic and gothic.

No doubt the obligatory sibling saga of ‘borrowing’ each other’s clothes does occur, yet these sisters easily pull off their own individual styles, with enviable results.

A fashion history student, due to graduate this summer, Jennifer isn’t afraid of combining the old and the new, proving that an open mind can result in an effortlessly cool image. As Jennifer says, “It’s more about how you wear it than what you wear.”

Sunglasses from Topshop
“I chose these because I like the style of them and they fit with my overall look.”

Dress from Rocket Vintage, London
“I tend to go for the more unusual prints when looking for clothes as other people usually shy away from them. Searching for them can often be more stressful though.”

Cardigan from Beyond Retro
“I really like the colours – I’m usually attracted to browns in general – and I also liked the contrasting tones. As a whole, I don’t often go into Beyond Retro as I’m not keen on its layout, but this cardigan was on the end of a rail and I just picked it up.”

Shoes from Chatham Marine
“I bought them about four years ago because they’re just so comfortable for walking around all day. I like the authentic look of them, and the colour. I find boat shoes versatile as they work with dresses or trousers.”

Photo by LomoKev at