Street Style, Jenny

For some people, vintage means anything that’s been worn before, but Jenny is drawn to mid-century clothes and fashion from another era. She’s always been interested in costume and old films but it took a move down here five years ago for her to really embrace the look.

“It’s easier to dress vintage here”, she says, “In Birmingham not so many people were into it.”
She’s taken this obsession and turned it into Frantic About Frances, a pin up style lingerie label.
“I get a lot of inspiration from the 50s”, she says. Check it out at

Hat from Martlets Hospice
“It’s early 60s and it finishes off an outfit. I’ve got quite a lot of hats, but I don’t always wear them. They make an outfit seem more ladylike.”

Glasses from eBay
“They’re late 40s and I had my own lenses put in them. I love them because they’re so unusual and they’ve survived through 60-odd years. Apparently the arms are hand-rolled gold.”

Jacket from charity shop
“It flares out a little bit at the back, almost like a tailcoat. I can chuck it on and it makes any outfit look more formal.”

Cardigan from Oxfam
“It’s actually H&M but I thought it looked quite 50s. I like the colour and the beading on the front.”

Dress from housemate
“It’s original 50s but I don’t know where she got it. It’s hard to find that era’s dresses in good condition. I seem to have a fixation with 50s lilac dresses for some reason.”

Handbag from charity shop
“Oh god, my whole outfit is from charity shops! I like the shape and coincidentally it matched my hat.”

Shoes from New Look
“It’s nice that they’ve got a little heel, but they’re not too high so they’re ok to walk in.”

Photos by LomoKev


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