Street Style, Johana

It’s been a very long and very dreary winter, almost monochromatic. So thank god for Johana, a ray of sunshine, a girl not afraid to embrace a dash of colour, here balanced beautifully with a sky-grey coat.

“I’m from Colombia and we wear a lot of colourful stuff there,” she explains in the same accent as Modern Family’s Sofia Vergara. “I don’t find wearing colours difficult, maybe because I do it all the time. It’s easy for me to know what to match with what.”

She’s taken the best that the high street has to offer and injected her own South American character into it. The result is a joyful outfit bursting with spring.
“I do think about making the colours work together,” she explains. “If I am wearing colours I like to be colourful from head to toe – but maybe with a plain jacket. But if I wear just black and white I like to wear that from head to toe.”

Coat from Topshop
“I bought it because it’s shiny, it’s good when it rains. But I don’t wear a lot of high tech fabrics.”

Earrings, a gift
“I like big earrings, especially colourful ones. I wear them a lot.”

Shirt from Levi’s
“I love the colour. Colour is important to me – I think it’s in my culture.”

T-shirt from Primark
“I like big designs on t-shirts, but really I like this because it’s a cat and I love cats.”

Trousers from Topshop
“They are very comfy but are skinny so they fit well, and the colours again – bright flowers. When you go out everyone looks at you. I think the bright colours cheer people up.”

Shoes from H&M
“The colour of the soles is bright and they’re quite fashionable now.”

Words by James Kendall
Photo by LomoKev

Fashion 5 years old

Kevin Meredith

Kevin Meredith (AKA lomokev) is a Brighton based photographer with a passion for passing on his knowledge of photography. He teaches regular photography workshops in Brighton and sometimes further afield. He is the author of three instructional photography books that cover a diverse range of photographic techniques. He is a evangelist of film photography but is no stranger to digital photography.

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