Dave Mumbles Interview

What is rockabilly and how is it different to rock’n’roll?
Rockabilly is a name made up of two genres of music – rock’n’roll and hillbilly. It’s mainly early 50s American artists like Warren Smith, Sonny Burgess and Carl Perkins from record labels like Sun, MGM and Imperial, to name just a few. Rock’n’roll is mainly British and is often associated with the good ‘ole Teddy Boys and artists like Cliff Richard and Marty Wilde. Both scenes do enjoy each other’s music, especially artists such as Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly and Gene Vincent.

Is there still a good rockabilly scene in Brighton?
Yeah, it’s healthy in Brighton at present with a lot of people getting into the retro scene and the music. New bands and clubs are starting nearly every month, which is great as it gives people the chance to hear what different DJs enjoy in the music.

What going on for the 10th Birthday?
We’ve invited some of the best DJs and bands on the scene to help us celebrate. It’s hosted by me and Lucky Phil, and we have The Caezars and Doggone Honkabilly Band playing. On the DJ front we have the famous DJ Cosmic Keith from London’s Boston Arms rockabilly club, plus Little Carl and Be Bop Kaz. I’m planning the next one for August bank holiday as a two-day event.

Do people come from out of town for Rumble?
We’re very lucky as I’ve been on the scene for over 30 years and have friends all over the country, and the world. You could bump into people from Scotland, Wales, London, France, Spain or Japan, as well as our loyal locals, in any given night.

Why do you think Rumble has lasted for ten years?
Variety is the spice of life so we like to introduce new performers, as well as putting on the valued, seasoned bands and DJs that everyone will watch time and again for their raw talent. The big thing that the Rumble is known for is live music. By keeping things fresh it keeps the crowds coming.

You just play vinyl. Doesn’t that get expensive?
Records do cost money but it is nice to come across a different record and introduce it to the crowd. Some original 45s can cost between £80 and £200 but some repros cost as little as £6. So everyone could use vinyl if they wanted, but some do choose CDs.

Don’t you run out of records?
Rockabilly is a passion and I’ve been playing the music for a long time, like so many other DJs on the scene. There’s always another track to play or you can play the flipside – they’re normally good tunes as well.

What’s wrong with modern music?
Nothing. Modern music is ok, I listen to the radio in the car or at home and I sing along with my daughter to pop music sometimes. But I do prefer Radio 2.

10 Years Of Brighton Rumble
Ronnie Dawson ‘Up Jumped The Devil’
The Jiants ‘Tornado’
Mickey Lee Lane ‘Senior Class’
Dale Wright ‘Dance With Me’
Gene Vincent ‘Race With The Devil’
Eddie Cash ‘Doing All Right’
Pat Cupp ‘Do Me No Wrong’
Elvis Presley ‘One Sided Love Affair’
Carl Perkins ‘Boppin’ The Blues’
Warren Smith ‘Got Love If You Want It’

NEXT EVENT: Sat 14th July 2012 at Concorde
WEB: Brighton Rumble Facebook

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