Naked Bike Ride 2016

2016 marks ten years of Brighton’s Naked Bike Ride, the “bare as you dare” event designed to promote body-powered transport and celebrate low carbon living. Around 1,000 riders are expected to take part this year, and organisers are using the decade watermark to highlight how far cycling provision has come on in our city since the first ride in 2006 (from extended 20mph zones to new lanes and markings on major roads and junctions).

The event is part of Bike Week – an annual celebration of cycling which coincides with a series of similar rides around the world (Worthing has its own ride on July 2nd). Anyone can take part, as clothed or naked as they wish, and children are welcome. Some cyclists strip off completely, while others go for skimpy costumes or colourful body paint. Participants can expect a leisurely ride accompanied by bike-mounted sound systems culminating in a cooling dip at Black Rock naturist beach.

Assembly Point: The Level, 12 noon, Sunday 12th June 2016
Procession starts at 1:30pm
More info here

Words by Becky Hogge
Photo by Sini Manner

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Becky Hogge

Becky Hogge grew up in Brighton and recently returned here to raise her family. She writes about music and new technology, and her book about hacker culture, Barefoot into Cyberspace, was published in 2011. She plays clarinet in local anarcho-folk band Pog.

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