Michael Rosen For Brighton Festival Director

It’s deadline time at SOURCE so excuse this being a bit press-releasey, but we thought you’d want to know that Brighton Festival has just announced poet, writer, broadcaster and previous Children’s Laureate Michael Rosen as the guest director of 2013’s event. Here’s some mutual backslapping:

“For several decades Michael Rosen has entertained, educated and moved audiences of all ages. Andrew Comben, Chief Executive of Brighton Dome & Festival says, “He has the infectious energy of a polymath and is curious about and interested in everything – perfect for such an eclectic and wide-ranging festival as ours. I am looking forward to another fantastic Festival here in Brighton.”

“It’s exciting but it’s also going to be a challenge!” says Michael Rosen. “I am a great believer in festivals – they are an informal college of the arts for everyone. There’s been a big change since I was a child when the arts were tucked away in theatres and galleries and Brighton Festival takes cultural activity and brings it to many different audiences across a whole city.”

We’ll let you know about some of the events booked in when things settle back down.

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