New In Town, November

Riki Tik
Life’s forever busy promoters are now taking over Riki Tik and turning it into a Caribbean themed reggae bar. We’re seriously excited about the prospect of walking in from a cold rainy evening to a warm tropical oasis. If you’ve ever shaken your boo-tay at Dagger you’ll know what to expect: a range of carnivalesque vibes including dancehall, dub, hip hop and UK funky. This is exactly what a winter of discontent needs.

Paganini Ballroom
The Old Ship Hotel’s Paganini Ballroom has been in use since the 18th Century, when it was part of Brighton’s Assembly Rooms. On Thurs 8th, Lout drag the Ballroom into the modern era with a unique show by one of the year’s fastest rising bands, London post-punk quartet Savages. Whether this remains a one-off event or the city is gaining a plush new gig venue will become apparent in time, but of course we’re hoping it’s the latter.

In these financially testing times, no-one wants to get their caffeine crack from a company that has barely paid tax for 14 years (hello Starbucks), which is a boon for the indies. Now open on the Hove side of Western Road, Yolo’s offers seasonal espresso blends, filter coffees and more, plus live acoustic music, massive cakes and the best halloumi salad we’ve ever sampled. There are three music sessions each day, and players interested in a 15 minute unplugged slot can get in contact at

Drawing Club
Drawing Club is somewhere between a life drawing class and a gang of vigilante portrait artists. The idea behind it is that every Tuesday a flashmob of artists gather at a pre-determined location (usually a pub, to be fair) and sketch anyone they can see. Less nudity, more real-life drawing. Whether you fancy giving it a go or being an impromptu sitter, you can find out where the next chosen venue is at

Brighton is the launch city for Lenderise, a website that encourages the sharing of goods over ownership. Users offer items and skills they’re happy to lend to others for a nominal fee, with the site taking a 10% cut. Tagged with the buzz-phrase ‘collaborative consumption’, the lending library concept is on the increase (think of cloud storage music platforms and car pools) with many Brighton residents at the forefront of this community minded sharing. Have a browse at

My Erotic Postcard
Female aficionados of French erotic postcards can now have their own portrait taken in the classic 1920s style. Iona Hodgson started recreating the sensitively styled nude shots while working as a freelance photographer in Spain, before moving her business to Brighton this year. Iona’s portraiture is aimed at women of all ages and shapes, and can be shot at home or in the studio. If your personal tastes are more Anaïs Nin than Fifty Shades, visit for details.

Few student nights like to describe themselves as student nights, so we won’t either. Launching on the 12th, Elk is Audio’s new late night Monday, aimed at those who like dancing into the early hours on £2 drinks to a soundtrack that includes Frank Ocean, Caribou and Grimes. It’s billed as a night of not just music but photography and, er, lifestyle, and it’ll be interesting to see how that works out in the depths of Audio.

Words By Zac Colbert, Stuart Huggett, Jessica Marshall McHattie

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