Angry Girls Zine Launch, Sun 11th March

“To voice all kinds of girls who have one thing in common… they’re f@#king angry.” This is the promise of the Angry Girls Club, a ‘collaborative community of female voices’, who are launching their latest zine on Sunday 11th March.

Following the success of the first issue of this angry and proud new publication, which was dedicated to ‘Self Appreciation’, ONCA gallery will host the launch party for issue #2, which explores the theme of ‘Grief’. Ellie Chapman and Oona Black, who edit the zine, put an open call on Instagram for contributions “covering any creative form”. The free exhibition will display the array of responses, with readings from the authors. It’s also a chance to purchase a copy and meet those involved.

Ellie Chapman says this of the project: “It aims to create a space for the often difficult conversations that surround grief, using our own stories, sharing our experiences, advice and art. Grief is often a silent place, not anymore.”

ONCA, Sunday 11th March 2018 3pm
Words by Hannah Aston

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