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Brighton Artist Matt Small at Geisha Arts venue for Brighton Source magazine, Brighton's best art,music,listings and culture magazine

GEISHA ARTS, 75 East Street

We’re all about art when it involves its audience rather than existing simply as a passive gawp’n'go experience. Geisha Arts not only exhibits contemporary and cutting edge urban artists, it also hosts seminars and workshops on art as well as music, writing, textiles and fashion. In a further departure from traditional shushed, head-tilting art consumption, the space ramps up the vibrancy with organic foods, teas, coffees and cocktails. Live graffiti art sessions are a regular, with hip hop beats blasting out onto the beach. Collectors can pick up original cutting edge pieces safe in the knowledge that the artists aren’t being fleeced – operating outside of a gallery-led organization means they get an ethical rate for their work. Geisha likes to start ‘em young too – schools and colleges are encouraged to watch and get involved in the art making process, and Geisha Kids affords youngsters the opportunity to work alongside professionals to create gallery pieces.


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