Art Party, Friday 25th November

Five years in and still going strong, Pop-Up Brighton have hosted over 40 events helping to support over 2,000 artists for free, unmasking new talent from fresh faced poets, performers and indie film-makers.

In honour of all their backbreaking hard work, the company have unearthed an event unparalleled by any other club night to celebrate their success. Hosted deep in the depths of The Tempest Inn, hidden inside its cave-like twists and turns, Art Party is a non-stop stream of live music, immersive installations and 3D projections with plenty of DIY art’n’craft action to keep you busy until the 3am curfew.

The night features collaborations from 15 different artists (feast your eyes on Cyborg Life Drawing and Illustrated Tarot), while DJs Foreign Skin and Caveman Genius are on hand to carry you through to the early hours. Their only warning being “things could get messy, so don’t wear your best frock”.

Art Party, The Tempest Inn, Friday 25th November 2016