Bruce Parry: Tawai: A Voice From The Forest, Sunday 24th September

Remember the BBC2 series Tribe, from about ten years ago? A groundbreaking slice of eco-TV, it saw explorer Bruce Parry making friends with indigenous people around the globe; heroically puking his way through ayahuasca ceremonies, dining with cannibals and doing wince-inducing things with his genitals. And most importantly, of course, highlighting the importance of communion with our environment.

Well, now Parry’s about to go HD, with a big-screen feature called Tawai: A Voice From The Forest. It’s on very limited theatrical release, but is showing at the Duke’s at Komedia on Sunday 24th September at 3pm. The big draw here is that Bruce Parry will be around for a Q&A afterwards.

In an interview in this week’s Radio Times, he talks candidly about, among other things, his adventures in psychonautics and sex addiction. Of Tawai: A Voice From The Forest, he says “the overriding invitation from the film is for us to think more deeply about where we’re at and how we’re going to create a future for our children.”

Tickets were still available at the time of writing, but this event is expected to sell out soon.

Tawai: A Voice From The Forest is showing at The Duke’s at Komedia, Sunday 24th September.

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