FemRock Presents…IWD Special, Fri 2nd March

The long running promoters of women in music, FemRock, present an evening of grunge-soaked goodness next month at their residence, the Green Door Store. They celebrated their fifth year in the business this month, a testament to their skills of providing a platform for female voices in the city, pushing the grrrls to the front.

Brighton five-piece Pussyliquor “put the amp in tampon”, reverberating between passive monotone vocals and snarled punk urgency, delivered over fuzzed up-shredding. Fans of Queenadreena, Jack Off Jill and The Slits will adore this bunch. A refreshingly brash rattle to mediocrity, who may well themselves inspire copycats later down the line.

Proudly representing the POC/non-binary demographic, the freshly formed DIYers Best Praxis choose a synth-based and powerfully vocalised funk-punk approach with politicised lyricism of race and mental health issues. Infectiously energetic.

Last up are London three-piece, Glue, who clearly didn’t get the memo concerning band name puns, but stick with us (sorry). Influenced by 80s Seattle sounds and 90s Cool Britannia, they’ll deliver a stripped-back palate cleanser of grungy pop melodies with alluring husky harmonising.

For other IWD events, refer to the Brighton International Women’s Day website and Brighton Dome, for inspiring talks, workshops, photography and walking tours, for which all ages and genders are welcome.

Words by Karen McDermott
Green Door Store, Friday 2nd March 2018, 7pm – 10.30pm

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Karen McDermott

Karen has been living in Brighton since 2010, where she rediscovered a love of music. And bars. And clubbing. She currently works three jobs to pay for these pastimes. When not writing or working or falling over, she can usually be found stuck in a book.

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