Horror is Brighton’s Other Realm

The nights are drawing in. And there’s Halloween tat hanging from all the £1 shops in London Road. So it’s a good time look to at Brighton’s ‘Other Realm’. That means horror. Classy horror.

We caught up with Adrian Jameson, who founded the Other Realm Theatre Company in 2015, to hear about his latest work and ambitions for the local scene.

Horror gets a bad name. All those ghosts and gore and disembodied heads. But, as Adrian pointed out when we met in the Branch Tavern, its history in Britain goes back to myths and legends from Anglo-Saxon times. “Horror and all things devilish have a lasting appeal.”

What sparked his interest in horror? “It was as a young kid.” The first book he owned was about the myths and legends of Britain. “By the time I was 8 I was there… fascinated by ghostly horror.”

For Adrian, the modern horror genre is indebted to H.P Lovecraft’s writing, Hammer Cinema’s screen classics, and films like The Fall. In recent times, he sees The Blair Witch Project as offering a fascinating example of strong psychological themes realised by means of handheld cameras. He also points out that there is a strong theatrical tradition dedicated to horror.

When Adrian moved to Brighton six years ago he was impressed by the quality and range of small theatres. He’s now keen to complement the local scene by fostering a dedicated horror venue above the Branch Tavern. “That’s what drives me. No one else is doing it.” He’s got form in this area as a director, writer and lecturer. In addition, he’s a trained actor with skills in lighting and sound.

His adaption of Lovecraft’s ‘Pickman’s Model’ has already featured in the Brighton Fringe. The story involves a talented artist whose macabre images hold a strange secret… This is showing again as part of this year’s Brighton Horror Fest (17th – 29th October) – watch out for more info in SOURCE.

Adrian is very approachable and not at all scary. He’s keen to meet others involved with horror projects and, if the new venue takes off, he will be pleased to host and support other theatre-based work.

Words and photo by Mike Aiken

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