House of Dreams, 16th-17th March

With its tantalisingly limited performance dates, and promising a ‘promenade, installation based’ theatre experience, House of Dreams looks to be a wondrous event from Inexplicable Cabaret Theatre.

Consisting of dance, physical theatre, storytelling, circus and live music, this production tells the story of a heart-broken alchemist who, having drugged his townspeople with sleep, travels through worlds beyond his wildest dreams. Audiences at House of Dreams can be expected to be taken through surreal worlds, in a theatre production which is both rich in culture and like no other.

House of Dreams runs on just two dates: 16th and 17th March 2017. It is also held in the very real Kemptown, in a new performance arts venue called The Spire. A ticket includes food on arrival, the theatre spectacle itself, and a midnight ball with live music to finish. There will be an apothecary themed bar to go with the strange and wonderful theme of the evening.

Inexplicable Cabaret’s third production, written and directed by Delphine du Barry, boasts a dark story of love and desire, “told with a social consciousness on a journey through worlds, travelling on dreamtime”. If you’re up for a night of wizardry, dreams and gothic love, all in a building where nothing is as it seems, then this production might just be for you. If nothing else, it promises to be a memorable evening.

More information and tickets can be found on Inexplicable Cabaret’s website.

Words by Hannah Aston
Poster image by Inexplicable Cabaret

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