Jack White, Tuesday 16th October

As his Third Man Records empire goes from strength to strength, Mr White is still determinedly sticking to his guns when it comes to recording and performing. He records how he wants, on ancient equipment, presses his own label’s releases himself and, in an effort to play to a fully engaged audience, is no longer allowing mobile phones into his shows.

He long ago ditched the red and white uniform and now prefers shades of blue and the company of a full band. He’s taken a different approach on his third solo album ‘Boarding House Reach’ but still normally throws in a few White Stripes classics for the long-standing fans at live shows.

When he played an intimate show at The Garage in North London back in March he announced a free afternoon gig in a London Bridge boozer at the last minute so, who knows, he might play a set at The Fortune Of War across the road. This will be his first gig in Brighton since The White Stripes played Concorde 2 back in 2001 so expect tickets to fly out.

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Brighton Centre, Tuesday 16th October 2018
Photo by David James Swanson

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