James Ruskin, Fri 3rd March

First Floor celebrate two years of events with a guest performance from a UK techno pioneer at Patterns. James Ruskin’s musical history can be traced back to 80s electro and hip-hop. As a DJ he was partly responsible for the early 90s popularisation of Detroit techno in the UK, but quickly realised he needed to make his own music to gain more recognition. Since then he’s been a leading figure on the London scene throughout the decades and is now running his own label Blueprint Records. Playing alongside him will be resident DJs Charles Green and Cathal playing house and techno.

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Laurence Tonkyn

I DJ under the name Mystery Selector, specialising in multi-genre mysterious sounds. I also organise and promote an event called 'Textured Silence'. The articles I write for Brighton Source mainly focus on electronic music and clubbing culture although my musical taste is more diverse.

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