Jeffrey Lewis And Los Bolts, Sunday 1st April

Reknowned anti-folk New York singer-songwriter, artist and all-round entertainer Jeffrey Lewis comes to Brighton on April 1st to play the Hope & Ruin.

Signed to Rough Trade, Lewis released such classic folk-punk albums as ‘It’s the Ones Who’ve Cracked That the Light Shines Through’ and ‘City & Easterns Songs’ with brother Jack. He has also turned his hand to whole albums of covers by some of his favourite artists, such as ’12 Crass Songs’ or his latest release, titled in full: ‘Works By Tuli Kupferberg (1923-2010), As Interpreted (And/Or Misinterpreted) by Jeffrey Lewis & The Deposit Returners’!

However, Jeffrey says this tour is not to promote that new release but will be a more ‘usual’ three-piece Jeffrey Lewis & Les Bolts tour. It’s likely to draw on his previous album named after his home city, ‘Manhattan’, which was described on as “one of Lewis’ clearest, best-recorded and arranged albums to date”. Support comes from local folk punks Pog.

A Jeffrey Lewis gig is likely to be anything but ‘usual’ and tickets have been flying out the door for this one. The Sunday evening gig sold out long ago, and although there’s an extra matinee show now, tickets for that are also likely to go quickly. As this is (another excellent) Dictionary Pudding gig and in light of the recent demise of MES we’re wondering if Jeffrey might perform his ‘The Legend Of The Fall’ (if you’ve not heard it, check it out) but for now listen to Jeffrey’s more recent and excellent video ‘Sad Screaming Old Man’ below.

Jeffrey Lewis plays the Hope & Ruin, 1st April 2018
Words by Jon Southcoasting

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