Novella, Sat 25th Feb

With a quirky sound that seems elegantly improvised, Novella will be playing Brighton to celebrate their newest album, released later this month. The title track, ‘Change Of State’, sees the band channelling their negative thoughts about the world into some powerful, driving psych rock. They have released a music video for another single from the record too, titled ‘Does The Island Know’. Their authentic sound, recalling 90s groups like Stereolab or Lush, might make you question whether there is even a market for a niche band like this. However, it all works in their favour as it makes you want more as you listen with intrigue.

The group are extremely clever at keeping things in check on social media too. Their Facebook page includes diaries which cover the recording process behind the new record, as well as all the regular gig updates. We’re excited to see what the four-piece will bring to The Joker.

The Joker, Saturday 25th February 2017

Words by Zara Rowden

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