Paul Draper, Mon 19th Feb

When Mansun frontman Paul Draper comes to the Haunt next month on the opening date of a national tour, we’ll be sure of one thing: we’re in very safe hands. Draper was always the primary songwriter and producer in Mansun, and his recently released debut solo album ‘Spooky Action’ reassures us that his songwriting skills remain impressive. Songs like ‘Feeling my Heart Run Slow’ combine rock with electro to exciting effect, whilst taking us on a welcome return excursion round the hairpin bends of that impressive, plaintive voice. No one out there sounds quite like him.

During Draper’s absence from performing, the Mansun fan community has remained active and loyal, with conventions and online forums keeping the faith that one day Draper would return. In recognition of this, late last year he offered fans the opportunity to nominate one of the four Mansun albums to be played in its entirety during the second half of each show on this tour. 1997’s ‘Attack of the Grey Lantern’ unsurprisingly won the poll (though apparently it was almost pipped by now cult second album ‘Six’). As a result, February’s Haunt show promises a double length set with all the new solo stuff and a separate tranche of classic singles and rarely performed vintage Mansun cuts.

The Haunt, Monday 19th February 2018

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