People Powered, Fri 16th December

With Brighton’s left-wing Labour councillors getting the thin end of the Red Wedge from the moderate party elite, it’s perfect timing to reactivate the ‘music for Socialism’ gigs that seemed to have all but disappeared since the grim days of Thatcher’s Britain.

Local promoters Rocksalts have used their impressive contacts book to put together a stunning line up, including a Paul Weller-led combo featuring legendary bass player Danny Thompson and a rarer-than-hens-teeth appearance by Robert Wyatt.

This will be the first in a nationwide series of revue-style shows, where high-profile acts and newer performers play short sets to raise money in support of Jeremy Corbyn’s progressive ideas and leadership.

Acts confirmed so far include Temples, Stealing Sheep, Kathryn Williams, Steve Pilgrim and Ben Gordelier, The Farm, Edgar Summertyme, Ghetto Priest and Bill Ryder Jones. With that amount of varied artists the sets will be short but should cater to most tastes.

Another exciting part of the line-up is the Brighton debut of Jim Jones post-Revue outfit The Righteous Mind. We caught up with him to discuss his new direction, the shaky future of small venues and a little bit of politics.

Brighton Dome Concert Hall, Friday 16th December 2016

Photo by Dean Chalkley

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