Psychedelic Sundae By The Sea, Sun 22nd July

Psychedelic Sundae, a neat pun on what is planned to be a regular occasional occurrence, brings together an eclectic mix of folk who touch the edges of the multi-coloured cloak of psychedelia. It’s on a Sunday. There may or may not be ice-cream involved.

Leading this month’s bill are Dog of Man who are purveyors of some terrific punky freak-out music and PPZN (PaPaZeN) who play a mixture of wild garage-rock and kraut-rock reminiscent of the best of the Pebbles generation. Then there’s Rokurokubi, a drums and guitar duo who come across at times as charming, at times menacing, and always hippy-tastic, the garage-rock four-piece The Decadent Dayze whose live act has shades of the early Who, and the fascinating Hill – their ‘We Are In Your Garden’ sounds like a lost English psych-folk piece from the Incredible String Band. Kicking off the event is the space-rock, kraut-rock Ja! Sputnik. It’s a pretty impressive line-up and looks like it’ll be a great way to spend a Sunday. To top it all Innerstrings provide the visual backdrop with their amazing oil-based light-show.

Listen to Dog of Man below for a taste of what to expect…

Psychedelic Sundae is at the Green Door Store on 22nd July – early start, doors at 5pm. Tickets available here

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