Scott Capurro, Sunday 5th March

Scott Capurro is a stand-up veteran who has never suffered fools gladly nor taken any prisoners. The San Franciscan can currently be seen outraging the panel and audience and terrifying the host on Channel 5’s morning magazine show The Wright Stuff.

He is known for reducing well-seasoned hecklers to piles of rubble and, should you dare to be a latecomer caught in his sights, you can guarantee to be an object of ridicule and have your sexual preferences discussed in graphic detail throughout the show.

His last show Islamahomophobia covered his marriage to his Brazilian boyfriend, the death of his mother and the Koran and he now brings his new Gay Turnaround show to town. A natural risk-taker for whom no cow is sacred, he will make you laugh at things you probably shouldn’t.

Buy a ticket, you won’t be sorry (unless you get there late).

Komedia Studio, Sunday 5th March 2017

Tickets available here
Photo by Sudhir Pithwa

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