Slaves, Thurs 23rd March (Gig Postponed)

This gig has been postponed while singer Jonny Craig recovers from surgery. More info here.

Though we are currently awaiting the American band’s next record, we have been left with some great previous releases and their newest single ‘I’d Rather See Your Star Explode’. The track is the perfect mix for fans of both the heavier and lighter side of punk. With catchy lyrics and upbeat riffs, the song is a singing, dancing, headbanging anthem. It’s just what you’d expect from Slaves but everything you’d hope to hear too.

The group released their debut album in 2014, which doesn’t seem too long ago considering the crazy amount of success that has been thrown upon them since. In that time they’ve also managed to get through over a dozen band members and even survived a short-lived break-up last year. Their third studio album, recorded as a trio, is set to be released at some point in 2017.

If the wait for the upcoming record is becoming too much, you should go see them live to feed your excitement for a few hours. It’s going to be a killer show.

Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar, Thursday 23rd March 2017

Words by Zara Rowden
Photo by Cindy Clark

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