Spirit Of Gravity, Thurs 1st Sept

Experimental music collective Spirit Of Gravity team up with the esoteric Blue Tapes/X-Ray Records label this month, bringing Norwegian electronic composer Benjamin Finger (pictured), spiritual voice and sound artist Wild Anima and Brighton’s rhythm and poetry duo Map71 to the Green Door Store. Founded by David McNamee of the city’s influential 20 Jazz Funk Greats blog, the twin Blue Tapes and X-Ray Records imprints have built their reputation on covetable art and audio releases from a broad range of international guests, including Katie Gately and Mats Gustafsson. Their Brighton showcase also includes an early doors slot from notorious Spirit Of Gravity mischief maker Henry Collins (Shitmat, Wrong Music).

Green Door Store, Thursday 1st September 2016

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Stuart Huggett

Stuart Huggett grew up in Hastings, publishing fanzines and writing blogs about the town’s underground music scene. He is a regular contributor to SOURCE, NME, The Quietus, Bowlegs and more. His huge archive of magazines, flyers and vinyl is either an invaluable research tool or a bloody pain. He occasionally runs tinpot record label Dizzy Tiger, DJs sporadically and plays live even less.

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