The Handsome Family and Courtney Marie Andrews – Photo Review

The Handsome Family came to Brighton on Friday night and Brighton Source was there to document proceedings. Loads of songs from old albums and their new one ‘Unseen’. Those steady desert-country stories. Brett and Rennie sparring on-stage like the old married couple they are. And the band rocking out like Crazy Horse at times. And there was that coconut…

Support came from the soon-to-be-legendary Courtney Marie Andrews, playing songs from her excellent new album ‘Honest Life’ and a few oldies in an all-too-short early set. She’s coming back to the UK with a full band in the Autumn but so far doesn’t have a Brighton date. Somebody really ought to fix that.

All Photographs by Jon Southcoasting

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Jon Southcoasting

Jon Southcoasting photographs all sorts, including music, writes about things, as often as not musical, and sometimes plays his own songs too. He lives in Brighton.

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