Porridge Radio album launch

Porridge Radio are one of the funnest bands in Brighton. Now after an initial limited edition cassette release, their super special album ‘Rice, Pasta And Other Fillers’ has got a vinyl release, and it was launched on Sunday at a four-act free show at the Green Door Store.

Opening Act Wednesday’s Children were apparently playing their first gig, although they came across as seasoned pros, reminiscent of the Canadian band Nap Eyes with a similar Modern Lovers feel. Strong songs and a very engaging sound, we look forward to hearing more from them.

Three-piece Top Knot play DIY lovers-punk, all two-minute two-chord songs about your boyfriend being this and that. It was short – about six songs in 15 minutes – but a lot of fun with attitude and verve.

Third up were a French band She Wolf who would have been a big hit at the 1983 Donington Monsters of Rock festival, but in Brighton 2017 we weren’t so sure. Lots of hair, big power drumming and even bigger guitar. And then in a puff of smoke they were back to Paris.

Porridge Radio‘s headline set was the usual anarchy, interspersed with the passion and excitement we’ve come to love. Oddly for an album launch, they peppered their set with quite a few new songs which sounded (as the band admitted) a bit under-rehearsed.

The album songs take on a different shape almost every time they’re played – so ‘Bark Like A Dog’ began at an almost painfully slow pace, and then burst into its usual crescendo of rhythmic joy. ‘Danish Pastry Lyrics’ was a little more ramshackle than on the album, ‘Lemonade’ a bit subdued, ‘Worms’ the usual dynamite. Dana said she relived the moment of their creation every time she played a song but it’s the intensity of feeling that helps make this band special.

If you’ve not heard ‘Rice, Pasta and Other Fillers’ do yourself a favour and do.


Words and pictures by Jon Southcoasting

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