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Nineties legends Reef are back. Armed with the son of a Rolling Stone and new material in the album charts, they came to the Concorde and proved they’re as good as they’ve ever been. Fans were going crazy for Stringer’s unwavering stage presence as the band pumped out their earlier tracks such as ‘Consideration’, ‘Yer Old’ and ‘I’ve Got Something To Say’. And of course people were only too happy to oblige to the lyrics of timeless classic ‘Place Your Hands’, as a sea of arms reached for the ceiling.

Yet new material from the current line-up (Jesse Wood joined on guitar in 2014), shows the band is gracefully ageing and the soulful title track of ‘Revelation’ is a taste of great new things to come. We were glad to be there to get nostalgic and soak up the atmosphere.

Concorde2, Friday 11th May 2018
Words and photos by Francesca Moore

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Francesca Moore

Francesca Moore’s passion for the performing arts has seen her photographing live stage events for the past ten years; shooting at intimate venues and major stage events for a range of editorial clients, and with the production of limited edition fine art prints. Her personal work stems from interests in people and the environment, where she draws on her scientific background to portray humanitarian, social and environmental issues. She began contributing to the SOURCE after a permanent move from London around the time the magazine was dropped for an online only presence. She’s assured there’s no correlation.

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