We’re always looking for people to join the Talent Pool. That’s what we call our team of contributors – it’s a chance for you to contribute to the magazine without having to commit to a regular amount of work. Some of you might do 1,000 words every month, some might contribute an 80 word piece once a year. On the downside, all of this is unpaid – it’s just for fun. If this stuff is a job for you, I’m afraid we’re not the right magazine.

Anyway how’s it going to work? Easiest way is to go through each area one by one.

Interns/Work experience

It’s illegal to employ people without paying them minimum wage. We know that doesn’t help you gain experience, but you can see where the government is coming from. The only time that you can do unpaid work experience/internships is while you’re in education (the NUJ are very firm on this). If that’s you, great, send us an email. But be warned, we get requests every day and don’t have room for more than one person at a time. Much of the work is writing based, so we only take on confident writers. Send us a short piece with your application, 80-200 words. If you can come in at a time of the year when others can’t that will help.


Kenny Mc Cracken at Create takes our cover shots. That’s probably not going to change until he gets snapped up by someone who can pay him what he deserves. But there are sometimes other places that we can use your photographs. Keep an eye on your email and we’ll mail you when we need photos that you might have, of bands or events that have happened. 
We sometimes need club photographers to take pictures of people dancing and having fun – let us know if you fancy that and have the right gear. We’ll try to let you know in advance what’s coming up. We’ll have a think about getting more photos into the mag too.

We do live reviews online, so if you fancy getting into the pit, let us know. We can’t always sort out tickets so if it’s a gig you’re desperate to go to let us know long before it sells out. We’ll always try to get you in for free though, of course.


Traditionally we haven’t used a lot of illustrators in SOURCE, but in think that there’s room to squeeze some in. One obvious one is In Conversation With, where we chat to a local person about a subject they’re interested in. SOURCE Virgins is another section, and that’s the one that tends to come up most months. That’s a full page in the magazine devoted to your art.


If you’d like to come in one day a week, or even half a day a week, and help us keep the website up to date let us know. Like we said in the interns section, it’s illegal to have people working for nothing unless it’s work experience so you must be in education.

Talent spotters

We’re always on the look out for new up and coming Brighton bands to cover, new in town DJs, new records on Brighton labels, remixes by Brighton artists etc. Simply drop us a line when you spot something good. We’d love to know at the start of each month what’s happening in the month after. Very soon we’ll have a get together to chat about who’s coming up in town over a few beers.


Right – most of you guys are writers, so this bit might be a bit chunky. There are a few areas where we can accept contributions: Gig Previews, Club Previews, News, Pleased To Meet You, SOURCE Virgins, Six Of The Best, Culture. The best way that I think it will work is if you summit the things you want to write about and if there are doubles we’ll use the best one and put a ‘Second Opinion’ on the website. The best stuff will get used in the magazine, good material will make it onto the website and stuff not quite there we’ll help you with pointers so you can make it better for next time.

OK, let’s go through the sections.

Gig Previews

80 words each, we try and cover the best gigs from visiting bands to town but also plenty of Brighton bands too. Covering Brighton bands would give you a better chance of publication. We’ll try and mail every couple of days with who has been covered well. For information get signed up to the Rounder and/or Resident lists, check websites of venues, band’s Facebooks/MySpaces etc. Ask if venues will add you to their mailout lists too. Might be worth setting up a new email address just for this as you might get flooded.

Club Previews

Same story here, 80 words each. Can be difficult to get information about this stuff. Look out for flyers, posters and Facebook invites. Ask venues to put you on mailouts and check websites.


Like gig and club previews but with more chin stroking. Art exhibitions, theatre, comedy, film – it’s quite broad. Where do you find out about this stuff? Not sure, if you’re into the cultural side of things you probably have your own sources. 80 words again.


This (and New In Town) is the holy grail. We’d be overjoyed to have good news stories sent in. Anything that doesn’t fit in the rest of the magazine counts. Charity stuff, band news, Brighton people winning awards, coverage from outside of the town, surveys. Any news, basically. 80 words again.

New In Town

If you spot anything new in Brighton knock up a few words about it. This page is much more important that it might at first seems. The support we give here really help our relationship with new people. Any submissions to this section will make me very happy indeed.

SOURCE Virgins

A big one this. About 1000 words on something you’ve never done before. I had colonic irrigation, watched The Godfather, broke my arm snowboarding. Nick had a back, sack and crack wax, went to a gay sauna, did internet dating. Laura rode a bike. What have you never done? We’ll chat about any ideas you have.

Six Of The Best

We pick a subject and chose the best six examples of it. Iggy Pop’s best six songs, the six best music movies, Mike Leigh’s best half dozen etc etc.


So that’s about the size of it. Any questions let us know. Also, let us know if you have got anything you’re involved in going on – we’ll make a special effort to promote our contributors’ band/art/whatever. However, we do ask that promoters don’t write about their own gigs – we’re supposed to be impartial and we don’t want to read like a press release.

We look forward to your contributions. But send us an email first – pieces on spec (especially longer pieces) might not make it in the mag and we wouldn’t want you to be disappointed.