Street Style, Edith

At 15 we never looked this cool. When Edith isn’t busy revising for her mock GCSEs, she is teaching us a lesson in how to pull off wartime vintage. When we caught her sporting this utilitarian get up we wouldn’t have guessed that she usually looks more girly. “Pink is my favourite colour and I love 50s dresses with big petticoats,” she tells us.

The thing about going vintage is that sometimes you can be in danger of looking like an extra in a period drama. Edith manages to strike the right balance between authenticity and wearability like a pro well beyond her young years. If that sounds patronising it’s only cos we’re jealous we didn’t dress this well at her age.

Red head scarf from Sunday market
“I’m not sure which one, but it’s in the North Laine every week. I get a lot of my clothes from markets or charity shops.”

Shirt from To Be Worn Again
“I got it ages and ages ago, so it’s really old now, but I love it.”

Waistcoat from To Be Worn Again, again
“It was too big at first so I had to take it in. I like sewing so I can alter my clothes if I need to. The waistcoat is nice because you can wear it with more modern stuff, and dresses too.”

Bag from End Of The Road festival
“It’s from a vintage market at the festival. I have too many bags now and I’ve got to vary them otherwise they don’t get used and are a waste of money.”

Utility trousers from Beyond Retro
“These were men’s size 28 and fit me really well so they must have been for a really small man in the 1940s! I don’t wear them that much, I like dresses more”

“I nicked these off of my brother. He never wears them so I thought, ‘Fine! I’ll have them.’ I don’t wear them very much though, ‘cause they need to be worn in.”

Photo by Kevin Meredith at