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There are worse things to have in your pocket than £1000 – an angry rattlesnake for example. That would make getting your keys out tricky and the rattling would get annoying. So let’s concentrate on getting a grand in your pocket instead. First thing you need is Instagram. That’s the hard part (at least paying the smartphone tariff is), then all you need to do is upload a photo on the theme of ‘the musical hidden depths of Brighton’. Tag it with #hiddendepthsbrighton and you’re done. Then just think what to spend the money on.

Ah, but there’s one thing in your way to reckless consumerism. The entries will be judged by our editor James Kendall and SOURCE Street Style photographer Kevin Meredith. They both have exhibitions running at the Photo Fringe – the former at The Hope and the latter at The Old Market – so ought to know what they’re looking for. Just make your photo really good.

It’s all thanks to Create In Brighton and Tiger Beer, who you might remember from giving Matt C Stokes £1000 for his ‘Know The Not Known’ illustration. Again they’ll be putting an ace free party on at the Coalition for the winner and ten finalists, and anyone else who wants to come. This time Simian Mobile Disco will be playing their storming electro live. That’s on 18th November while the submission deadline is Friday 16th 2012. See for full info about the competition.

Photo By James Kendall


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