Salter Cane, The Self Help Group, Thur 31st Mar

If you want to get over Easter and see out the spring, you should head to the Latest Music Bar on 31st March where there’s a delectable double-header featuring two of Brighton’s finest bands.

Salter Cane play a dark, melancholic folk-rock, full of doom and darkness, murder and mayhem. Led by Chris Askew’s mournful soulful vocals, the band also comprise Jeremy Keith’s fierce bouzouki, Jess Spengler’s driving bass and the heavy battery of Emily Powell’s drumming. Their live shows are powerful brooding affairs and two fine albums have produced a solid, reliable fan base and mean their shows almost inevitably sell out.

The Self Help Group released their album number two ‘Dead Stars’ at the end of last year, following on from their highly praised debut ‘Not Waving, But Drowning’ with another album of lead Selfie Mark Bruce’s inspired, strange stories in song, backed by one of the tightest bands in the south, and vocals that seem to have reached Sussex via Laurel Canyon. Their latest release is the video for ‘Smile Club’, a joyous affair and already one of our favourite songs of the year.

Opening for the bands is Charlie Peveritt playing solo as Swan Steps and bringing his warm Americana into the mix.

The Latest Music Bar, 31st March
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Photo by Jon Southcoasting

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