Viva! Vegan Festival

Veganism is no longer a hippy secret that is greeted with the dreaded “Well, what do you eat then?” question. Brighton’s vegans (and adventurous omnivores) have never had it so good, from seitan worshippers setting up shop at The Hope & Ruin and now also Coachwerks, to Hove’s Iydea transforming into Rootcandi, a unique tapas restaurant. There are now two Loving Hut cafes and The Plant Room vegan cafe, while more and more bars seem to be getting the message that those on a plant-based diet might like something to eat with their pint of Bartleby’s or Hastings bitter.

With its wider appeal the choice of ready meals and fast foods now available seems a world away from rehydrated soya chunks and nut roasts and someone has even discovered that the gloopy chick pea brine you normally discard actually makes an excellent egg substitute.

The Viva! Vegan Festival offers hot food tastings, talks on the true costs of the dairy trade, cookery demos and if you’re a budding activist you can swing by the Sea Shepherd stand for a chat with their dedicated volunteers.

Brighton Dome, Saturday 3rd September 2016, 10.30-4.30pm

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Steve Clements

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