Fashion photography by Eleni Mettyear for Brighton SOURCE

Girl Meets Boy

We sent Eleni Mettyear, one of our favourite young Brighton photographers round the city’s men’s clothes shops.

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Restlesslist's Ben in Brighton SOURCE Street Style, Brighton fashion

Street Style, Ben

If you work in a great second hand clothes emporium like To Be Worn Again it would be madness to buy your clothes in Primark.

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Charlie from Pretty Green in Brighton SOURCE Street Style

Street Style, Charlie

Charlie is the manager of Liam Gallagher’s Pretty Green emporium, and the two share a love of the 60s.

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Six Of The Best Brighton Boutiques

With so many great independent fashion shops in Brighton it almost impossible to choose just six to pat on the back.

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Street Style, Luke

Brighton’s most stylish busker ever? Gotta be in the running, though we like the sea shanty bloke too.

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Street Style, Nicola

Nicola shows us that what you wear can have both style and substance if you think more carefully about what you’re buying.

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Street Style, Jaimes

In all his sartorial splendour you’d think this guy was a rock star by day and an urban fashion super hero by night, ridding the world of drab and dreary clothing.

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Street Style

Street Style, Phoebe

Few would be brave enough to clash stripes, leopard spots and tribal print in one outfit but Phoebe takes on the challenge.

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Street Style Becky

Street Style, Becky

It can be difficult to get away from the same trends and tribes, but Becky seems to have found the perfect antidote to blending in with the crowd.

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StreetStyle Molly top (1)

Summer Street Style

Here’s some of the shots we took over summer of cool looking Brighton folk.

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Ewa in Brighton SOURCE Street Style, Brighton fashion

Street Style, Ewa

Telling a 23-year-old girl she looks like a drag queen usually isn’t too well received, but Ewa embraces it.

Fashion 1 year old

Street Style, Jennifer

A fashion history student, due to graduate this summer, Jennifer isn’t afraid of combining the old and the new.

Fashion 1 year old

Street Style, Johana

What a dreary winter. So thank god for Johana, a ray of sunshine, a girl not afraid to embrace a dash of colour.

Fashion 1 year old

Street Style, Jenna

Who needs print and colour to stand out on a bleak winter day when monochrome, done well, can look just as rebelliously chic?

Fashion 2 years old

Street Style, Jenny

For some people, vintage means anything that’s been worn before, but Jenny is drawn to mid-century clothes and fashion from another era.

Fashion 2 years old
Street Style Darcy

Street Style, Darcy

Each Sunday in Tokyo teenagers swarm the streets of Harajuku, living their lives for the day as if it were an anime comic.

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Street Style Edith

Street Style, Edith

At 15 we never looked this cool. Edith manages to strike the right balance between authenticity and wearability like a pro.

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Karen in Brighton SOURCE Street Style, Brighton fashion

Street Style, Karen

We’ve decided – it’s the shirt that makes Karen’s outfit (and the cute boots, but let’s concentrate on the shirt a minute).

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Boomtown Punk T-Shirts

The sun came out this summer and we fell back in love with t-shirts. Matt Martin captured the best of Boomtown.

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Street Style, Scarlett

Scarlett, a 15-year-old we spotted, does grunge in the coolest way, with cutsie day-glo bright accessories and girlish touches.

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Needles & Nails

It’s part tattoo parlour, part beauty salon, but what makes N&N exciting is what happens with that second N.

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Pear Shaped Apparel

No-one wants to blend in with the crowd. Be sure to check out Brighton based label, PSA, for simplistic yet symbolic, limited edition designs.

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Street Style

Street Style, Francesca

Simplicity is understated. We don’t all need to wear bright colours and clashing prints to stand out from the crowd, as Francesca here demonstrates.

Fashion 2 years old
Libby Street Style

Street Style, Libby

Sweet Lolita is not simply a fad, it is a style that takes time, dedication and costs a fair bit too.

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Jess Eaton

Brighton Fashion Week

BFW is back and it’s bigger and better than ever, rightfully cementing itself in the UK’s fashion calendar.

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