Street Style, Luke

We didn’t chat to Luke about his clothes when we took this month’s Street Style photo and had huge troubles tracking him down afterwards to talk through his quirky ‘hip hop geek’ look. But in doing so we learned loads about him.

Firstly, he’s Brighton’s favourite new busker, with a sweet voice he lets float over his ever-present tape player. When we sent out “Do you know this guy?” messages the response was uniformly, “Yes, he’s amazing!” This led us to his Soundcloud – – full of lovely sparse r’n’b.

When at last we got hold of him he was soundchecking for a gig at the BRIT School he attends and was as sweet and interesting as his get up for the four minutes we had with him before he disappeared again. An enigma. Keep an eye out for him on the streets of Brighton and you might be rewarded with a lovely song.

Glasses from Specsavers
“I like the vintage look of them.”

Denim Jacket from vintage shop in Suffolk
“It’s really warm. It looks like a heavy jacket, and I like that.”

Jumper from H&M
“I really like the pattern and the material is very wintery. I wear a lot of patterns. I like funky things, unusual stuff.”

Jeans from H&M
“I usually wear skinny jeans. I have a couple of pairs of cords but I wear jeans a lot.”

Trainers by Nike
“My gran got them for me for my birthday. I have quite big feet so she had to order them from America. They go with pretty much every outfit I can wear. I like the colour.”

Tape player by Alba
“I just found it in my attic.  I use it for busking all the time.”

Photo By LomoKev


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