Avalanche Party, Sun 11th March

Something wicked this way comes… The build-up for Acid Cannibals and Avalanche Party’s gig at The Hope & Ruin is summed up neatly in Acid Box Promotions’ own words… “we’re proud and slightly scared to present…”

Let’s start by stating that we can’t really offer you much on what to expect from Acid Cannibals. Slightly useless for a preview right? But this is for good reason; they are so fresh off the block that there is nothing out there on them yet (apart from this one video). The band consist of guitarist James (The Cosmic Dead) and drummer Rob (DROVES / Sick of Talk), and from what we can gather the two-piece will be very loud, and very… well, rocky.

Avalanche Party, on the other hand, we saw a couple of weeks ago (we actually ventured up to London). They stole the show amongst an impressive line-up for This Feeling’s showcase event ‘Big in 2018’. We were blown away by the intensity of their live show, and are delighted they are playing down here so early on in the year.

Already sounding big on record (check out ‘I’m So wet’), the Yorkshire troupe take it to the next level live. Frontman Jordan Bell brings a ferocity and intensity that reminds us of an unhinged Ian Curtis (hyperbole intended). With a confrontational stare that can see right into your soul, it won’t take long before he is stripped down, tearing his way through the crowd, on his knees and generally causing mayhem.

But it’s not just theatrics for the sake of it; the music is simply fantastic. A delightful crossover between psych and garage rock with punk undertones, the band are set for massive things in 2018. This is a great chance to catch them at one of our favourite intimate venues.

Hope & Ruin, Sunday 11th March 2018
Words and photo by Ashley Laurence

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