The Handsome Family, Friday 3rd March

The Handsome Family, husband-and-wife duo Texan Brett and New Yorker Rennie Sparks, make a welcome and long-overdue return to Brighton on Friday with their special blend of home-grown alt-Americana. Formed in Chicago the pair are now based in New Mexico and record most of their output at home. Latest album ‘Unseen’ has been receiving strong reviews, with the metacritic website scoring it at 81/100.

Typical themes in a Handsome Family song often involve murder, madness and ghosts, often drawing on real events and people. Better known since their song ‘Far From Any Road’ was used as the title theme for True Detective, their gothic-tinged alt-country borderland storytelling will also feel familiar to fans of another televisual version of America, Breaking Bad. Of their latest album, said: “Unseen may not cheer you up, but it will compel and fascinate anyone with an appetite for great songwriting.”

Support comes from Courtney Marie Andrews who also hails from the South-West USA and whose latest album ‘Honest Life’ has been receiving rave reviews. She is another superb American songwriter on the up and really shouldn’t be missed.

Concorde2, Friday 3rd March 2017
Words by Jon Southcoasting
Photograph by Jesse Littlebird

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