Street Style, Francesca

When we asked music publisher-to-be, Francesca, if she was up for being in the Street Style section this month, she modestly stated that she doesn’t consider herself a very fashionable person. We disagree.

Being stylish does not necessarily have to involve an eclectic mix of brightly coloured, mismatched patterns or your granny’s old clothes. Simplicity can speak volumes when it comes to fashion, and Francesca nails it. After all, not many women can pull of men’s clothing with such confidence and grace.

White trainers from Fred Perry
“I like the simplicity of these trainers and the fact that they are old-school. I own other Fred Perry shoes and shirts because I really like their classic British design.”

Red socks from American Apparel
“I used to work for American Apparel in Brighton for a little while, so most of my underwear and basics are from there.”

White t-shirt from American Apparel
“Their basics are excellent, especially their socks.”

Red jacket from Lacoste
“This is a vintage Lacoste Jacket that I bought on eBay ages ago. I think it’s from the 1980s.”

Jeans from Levi’s
“Again, Levi’s are classics so fit with the simplicity of my style.”

Watch from American Apparel
“I bought this watch in Zurich, I think it’s a brand called Luxury. American Apparel sell quite a lot of vintage watches.”

Glasses from Cutler and Gross
“Please point out that I don’t wear glasses for fashion purposes, I’m completely blind without them – I wouldn’t be able to distinguish my mother from a horse. I hate it when people wear glasses to just appear fashionable. I bought these because they’re hand-made in London and are really good quality.”

Photo by LomoKev